Friday, November 7, 2008



A change in organization is important to adapt the changing environment for the growth of the company. However, a change that is not suitable and applicable may bring adverse affect to the organization. Therefore, it is difficult to decide on what type of change is required and to what level the change is to be implemented. Resistance to change by the people in the organization is another core issue facing in organizations all over the world. A change does not happen by itself. It is definitely not an incidence. A lot of time and resources has to put in for bringing, no matter how small is the change. It is important to know that at what cost the change has to take place?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Emotional Bonding Engagement

Emotional Bonding Engagement
I feel that a gentle pat on my shoulder by my CEO as token of appreciation probably has a greater emotional attachment than getting 100 appreciation mails from him...
I truly believe in human values, sentiments, the emotions and the personal touch which keeps man moving and happy all the time. As a human being, we are constantly moving in search of love, affection etc. We can feel the sense of belongingness to the company, the love and attachment towards company through personal contact than by the modern concept so called "working from home". In the workplace, one feels neglected, rejected and dejected when your hard work and dedication is not accepted by the superior. Therefore, there is a great need of recognition and acceptance even if the work done is not significant. This acceptance will have a great impact for the person and will be highly motivated to work, contributing even more to the Organization.
Many of us felt that emotional bonding will be lost if there is no contact amongst employees.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Blogger on Trial

Pl check my blog...........its on trail n let me know if naything to be changed.